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MegaGRRL - Handheld YM2612 VGM Player
**MegaGRRL** is a handheld ESP32-powered VGM player, playing tracks from the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Master System, and more.
## Overview
MegaGRRL is a system comprised of ESP32-powered hardware to interface with the original sound chips, and FreeRTOS-based firmware using the ESP-IDF framework. Its playback engine is focused on high accuracy and supporting as many features of the VGM file format as possible.
At the moment, this project is a work in progress, and the files in this repository are not complete.
This project is divided into several subdirectories:
* **firmware/** - C code for the ESP32
* **pcb/** - PCB and schematic files for EAGLE
* **enclosure/** - 3D printing design files for the enclosure
Additional info and project logs are available on the [ project page](
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