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Add note about Pocky_XBAND.pdf

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......@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ A brief overview of the archives: (possibly to be expanded at some point)
* **catapult (2).zip** - Disk images with materials relating to microcontroller development for the keyboard addon, and the jed file for the GAL16V8 on the Pocky devboard.
* **** - Additional keyboard development materials.
* **** - Even more keyboard resources, and source for some Genesis game patches.
* **Pocky_XBAND.pdf** - Dev board schematics.
* **X-Band Modem BIOS (USA).zip** - SNES modem ROM.
* **XBand Original Compilation.7z** - An older release of Catapult files from quite some time ago. Quite a bit of info in here, although some parts of the sources are incomplete compared to that of other archives.
* **** - Game patch binaries.
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