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    Add megapacker.pl script to create .mgu updater files · 8d9356e3
    matt authored
    This is a relatively simple Perl script that takes app and/or updater
    ESP32 .bin image(s) and packs them into the .mgu format that is expected
    by the MegaGRRL firmware when initiating firmware updates from the File
    Example usage, for an app-only update on the (d)esktop version:
    	perl utils/megapacker.pl --app=firmware/build/megagrrl.bin --hw=d --outfile=megagrrl.mgu
    To update both the app and updater images for the (p)ortable version:
    	perl utils/megapacker.pl --app=megagrrl_app.bin --updater=megagrrl_updater.bin --hw=p --outfile=megagrrl_portable.mgu
    To specify the version rather than extract it from the header in the
    .bin file (note: the script defaults to hw version 'd'):
    	perl utils/megapacker.pl --app=megagrrl.bin --version=v0.97dev --outfile=megagrrl_v0.97dev.mgu
    No additional dependencies should be required if using any non-ancient