Commit c404cd7a authored by natalie's avatar natalie 💜
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Fix rare too-long psg writes

parent 9372cf69
......@@ -44,6 +44,8 @@ uint8_t Driver_SrBuf[2] = {0xff & ~SR_BIT_IC,0x00};
uint8_t Driver_SrBuf[2] = {0x00,0xff & ~SR_BIT_IC};
static portMUX_TYPE mux;
MegaStreamContext_t Driver_CommandStream; //queue of incoming vgm data
MegaStreamContext_t Driver_PcmStream; //queue of attached pcm data (if any)
EventGroupHandle_t Driver_CommandEvents; //driver status flags
......@@ -153,6 +155,8 @@ static uint32_t map(uint32_t x, uint32_t in_min, uint32_t in_max, uint32_t out_m
bool Driver_Setup() {
ESP_LOGI(TAG, "Setting up");
ESP_LOGI(TAG, "working around dram0 size - allocating commandstream buffer...");
Driver_CommandStreamBuf = heap_caps_malloc(DRIVER_QUEUE_SIZE, MALLOC_CAP_8BIT);
if (Driver_CommandStreamBuf == NULL) {
......@@ -273,11 +277,13 @@ void Driver_PsgOut(uint8_t Data) {
Driver_SrBuf[SR_CONTROL] &= ~SR_BIT_PSG_CS; //!cs low
Driver_SrBuf[SR_CONTROL] &= ~SR_BIT_WR; //!wr low
Driver_SleepClocks(clk, 36); //32, but with wiggle room. but not enough to push us into another write cycle...
Driver_SrBuf[SR_CONTROL] |= SR_BIT_PSG_CS; //!cs high
Driver_SrBuf[SR_CONTROL] |= SR_BIT_WR; //!wr high
//channel led stuff
if (Driver_NoLeds) return;
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