Commit e07f1491 authored by natalie's avatar natalie 💜
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Prevent task priority issues from stopping Loader upon SD error

parent ab901aaa
......@@ -122,6 +122,7 @@ static uint8_t running = false;
static void file_error() {
modal_show_simple(TAG, "SD Card Error", "There was an error reading the VGM from the SD card.\nPlease check that the card is inserted and try again.", LV_SYMBOL_OK " OK");
running = false;
xEventGroupClearBits(Loader_Status, LOADER_RUNNING); //prevent task priority issues from stopping loader
xTaskNotify(Taskmgr_Handles[TASK_PLAYER], PLAYER_NOTIFY_STOP_RUNNING, eSetValueWithoutOverwrite);
QueueLength = 0;
QueuePosition = 0;
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